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Music. Hiking. Art. Ice cream. Asian food. Pranking. Graphic design. Americanos. Bicycle rides. Stars. Foggy mornings. And houseplants. Emotion. Manual transmissions. Trees. Small towns. Naps. Gas station food. Paintings. Clocks. Wool socks. Breakfast for dinner. Nature smells. Mountains. Day trips. To-do lists. BBQ sauce. Screaming to music while driving. Jackets. Rain. Black pens. Simplicity. Cereal. Camp fires. Drawing. Productivity. Taco Bell. Mini golfing. Stargazing. Talk radio. Peanut butter. Documentaries. Fall. Popcorn. Garage sales. Pepper jack cheese. Office supplies. Creativity. Honesty. Bargain hunting. Framed photos. Earbuds. Clean cars. Candles. Sleeping in. Sad things. Happy things. Coupons. Finding lost keys. Trying new things. Black-rim glasses. Vacuuming. Abandoned buildings. Reddit. Album artwork. Christmas music. Deep friendship. Motorcycle taxis. Making people laugh. Hoodies. Old houses. Recycling. Flannel. Big Red gum. Christmas lights. Free samples at Costco. Fireplaces. Thrift stores. Silence. Finding new music. Cleaning. Brick houses. Prose. New shoes. Clouds. And movie nights. Old photographs. Church hymns. Electric blankets. Haircuts. 100% battery life. Middle-of-the-night conversations. Punctuation. The moon. Beanies. Being on-time. Stand-up comedy. Humble confidence. Listening to the same song on repeat. Organization. No-bake cookies. Sleeping outside. Eating all food with chopsticks. Shunpiking. Hard cider. Meeting new friends. Cleaning. Conspiracy theories. Finding the perfect gift. Adventure. Pineapples. Fresh paint. Swimming at night. Printing. NPR. PBR. Spelunking. REI. Baking. Bottomless fries. Ghost riding the whip. History. Instrumental music. Earbuds. Controversial debates. Spontaneity. Night walks. Lawn mowing. Solitude. Farmers markets. Doing everything. Doing nothing. Productivity. Talent shows. Thunderstorms. Sunsets. Sunrises. Book smells. Writing. Reading. Typography. And The Grace of God.

I also like photos- which is probably why you're on my website. Photos capture unbiased and genuine emotion, which is why I love what I do. As a photographer, I stay true to the purpose of a camera by capturing moments and preserving emotion for a lifetime. I believe that photos are important and that photos help people. Whatever the occasion may be, it would be an honor to capture those moments for you with my camera.

Oh, and I live in Washington State ↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟↟ and I'm 100% willing to travel.